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Corporate's Social Responsibility

The owners of Theartemis Palace Hotel come from Rethymnon, so they have a particular sensitivity to maintaining strong local community ties. Thus, they offer business opportunities to fellow citizens and they have made it a priority to work with local suppliers.

At the same time, our company aims to contribute to environmental sustainability and maintaining local traditions. It also contributes to the education of the employees’, and those interested, so that we all keep moving to the same direction. 

The factors that contribute to our business strategy are: people, society and the environment. We place particular emphasis on fair treatment of both our customers and our employees.

Theartemis Palace Hotel are trying their best to reduce the environmental issues by recycling, protecting human rights and educating employees and employers on the above.

Education and awareness of all the people involved is our main priority. This way, we will always preserve a safe and enjoyable environment, thus continuing to offer our high quality services.

Our company has the following certifications regarding the safety of beverages and food processing, as well as the quality management of food:

ISO Certification for Food Safety

Certification and Monitoring of the HACCP Protocol

Certification TÜV Austria / Hellas


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